Meditation for the Workplace

Six different types of meditation in a 20 minute segment designed for the workplace 


Meditation for Everyone

All ability levels welcome.  No past experience needed.  Five different types of meditation taught so everyone can find a meditation that resonates with them.  

Diversity of Meditations:

  •   Initial Breath Work -- release daily stress
  •   Sound meditation -- Tibetan Singing Bowl and chanting
  •   Alternate Nostril Breathing -- balances the brain hemispheres
  •   Conscious Breathing Exercise (quiets the mind) -- facilitates presence and peace
  •   Energizing Movements -- to get one’s Chi moving
  •   One Inch Above Meditation (body observation meditation) -- whole body relaxation

Benefits in the workplace:

  • A fresh perspective with regard to one’s work   *innovation & problem solving 

  • A rejuvenation of energy which is useful for particularly stressful days at work   *more productivity

  • Loyalty to the company  that supports their employees’ well being   *employee retention


  • Reduction of stress which can help reduce high blood pressure, heart disease and depression   *increase employee attendance

  • Facilitates sleep so as to attain critical hours of sleep   *mental alertness



A twenty minute meditation session in a corporate setting: done in chairs and work clothes. The meditation is held anytime the company chooses: before or after work and /or at break time (lunch, morning, or afternoon).


The meditation session is for all experience levels (including none).  It contains six different types of meditation (the participants can see which ones they like the best).


Have some fun experiencing different meditations while receiving the benefits of the session.  The session is also is designed so that over time the participants learn a meditation that they want to incorporate in their daily lives.


  • Over 30 years experience in meditation /Yoga.

  • Trained with Leonard Orr in Rebirthing- a Yogic breath meditation

  • Taught "Meditation, Yoga and Creativity" seminars in Virginia

  • Have taught meditation seminars to the public


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